About us

KRUNSK is a small clothing label from Tampere, Finland.

In summer 2013 two freshly graduated photographers, Pasi and Samuel, decided that their lives weren’t satisfied only by taking photos. They were eager to add some more purpose on their subsistence, and hence KRUNSK was made. KRUNSK is a label that combines these guys’ passions - photography and clothing design.

Pasi and Samuel wanted to have two cool photos for their first collection. The guys started to explore their stock photo archives, because there was no time to take new pics. In the beginning they wanted to make a collection that refines finnish summer culture, and therefore it was named after it: Suvi. The name stands for kind of a nickname for summer. Deadlines are sometimes hard to maintain, so Suvi was actually released in the autumn - better than never.


Sadly many companies are producing, let’s be honest, crap. Everyone (secretly) loves good quality and appreciates fair working conditions. We don’t want to make any more unfair junk to this world. Our other values are unusual prints and patterns, good flow and happiness. KRUNSK’s products are made by people who share the same values that we do. We do our best, and we love to deliver it to you.


hi at krunsk.com


Our online store is about to open soon. Few more fixes and we are ready to go. Before that you can order by email shown above. Thanks!



Tmi Pasi Tiitola
Näsilinnankatu 25 B 505
33200 Tampere (FINLAND)
2519883-4 / FI25198834